Warehousing Services

Nationwide Warehouse Management Solutions

Mesa Logistics Group has a network of preferred partners from the largest van lines across North America. They are well established independent facilities equipped for commercial storage, and experienced in distribution services. We offer the flexibility of premium warehouse space for everything from a single pallet to 30,000 square feet of product. Mesa’s warehouse network stretches from coast to coast, and includes some 400 locations, all within 50 miles of 90 percent of the U.S. population.
Our warehouse services include but are not limited to:

  • Merge in transit: Collecting multiple shipments from multiple origins into a single shipment
  • Consolidation or aggregation: Local pickup of multiple shipments combined into a full truckload to one or multiple destinations
  • Storage: Holding product as a general storage lot until we receive your shipment instructions
  • Inventory control and management: Holding assets and tracking items at the part, model, or serial number level
  • Order fulfillment: Picking products from on-hand inventory to fill and order, then shipping that order
  • Last-mile deliveriesFinishing your deliveries as well as hold-for-installer/pickups
  • RepackagingRepackaging on-hand items in accordance with a specific bill of materials that has its own part, model or serial number
  • Product configuration: Mounting, interfacing, connecting, or installing several products together to create a new model or stocking number

Range of Warehouse Capabilities

Mesa offers extraordinary warehousing capabilities. Our affiliated warehouses are equipped and monitored with burglar and fire alarms as well as sprinkler systems. The warehouse management and staff are experienced in receiving, inspecting, inventorying, and safely storing product. When customer and product are ready for last mile delivery, Mesa Logistics Group’s dedicated crew will transport, deliver, assemble, set in place, and remove debris.

Flexible Inventory Management

Utilizing a proprietary electronic inventory system, Mesa Logistics Group is capable of inventory tracking and reporting, work-order requests, and real-time management reports. The flexibility of tailoring item attributes in the system gives the customer a clearer glimpse of specific product inventory status.

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