Full Service Installations

Professional Installation Services

Mesa Logistics Group provides professional furniture, fixtures, and equipment installation services in facilities such as financial institutions, retail stores, hospitals, healthcare facilities, or hotels. We can offer disassemble and de-installation services which may include transporting to another facility or back to a Mesa warehouse for liquidation or reverse logistics.

Full Service Installations

Planning and scheduling is an important part of a successful installation. Mesa Logistics Group manages the entire process from freight logistics to final installation, alleviating the need for multiple vendors. We understand each project will have unique complexities and various components that require diligent attention, and we strive to complete each project as expected.

Our dedicated team of supervisors and installers service a full spectrum of project installation needs such as retail displays, fine art, delicate instruments, high-value electronics and furniture for a grand opening or a closing consolidation.

Efficient, Thorough Installation Solutions

Efficiency is key when downtime for your business is a critical issue. Through years of hands-on experience our skilled installation crews have a clear understand of what is expected of them and make sure each job is performed within the time allotted. Mesa Logistics Group works closely with designers to ensure each product is perfectly placed and impeccably installed.

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